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Dive Sites

Our base is in Agia Efimia Kefalonia so most of our dives are around this area and the south west side of Ithaka. The unique under water geography and crystal clear waters, where the visibility often exceeds 40m, makes a great place to dive for any level of training


We can offer reef's, wall's, cavern's, cave's, wrecks...


We are committed on safety, our staff is highly trained and often exceeds PADI safety standard.


Our goal is to offer you the best dive experience, so we separate groups on their level of training, and try to maintain groups small.

1. The Mine           

Time from shop:3 min                                       Depth: 12 -22 meters

Sitting in 12 meters off the only marine protected area in kefalonia, is a deactivated WW2 sea mine. The dive continues to up to 22meters for all levels of divers to enjoy the most diverse sea life in the Mediterranean, including Sea Bream, Lobsters, Octopus, Groupers, Rainbow Wrasse, Scorpion fish and even moray eels  to name a few.

2. Lobster wall                                         

Time from shop: 8 min                                     Depth: 24 – 35meters

Sloping off a 5 meter platform falls a dramatic wall dropping to a 35 meter lobster cavern, draped In an old fishing net. With the great visibility a diver can see the wall dropping to the 50 meter sand bed. The dive ends over a teaming shallow

reef suitable for all.


3. Caverns                                               

Time from shop: 12 min                                   Depth: 6 – 25 meters

The swim through starts in just 3 meters, offering spectacular light beams penetrating the water through the rock formations. For the more confident diver there are more confined passages bringing you out onto a 12m sloping reef. At the end of the reef there is a pristine and fully intact amphora at 25 meters for the more advanced divers to enjoy.


4. Roman anchor                                    

Time from shop: 20 min                                 Depth: 18 – 35 meters

Next to the line supplying Ithaca with electricity, lies an ancient roman anchor, standing sterile out from its surroundings due to its lead composition. To finish the dive there is  reef jutting from the shallows that is full of life and a variety sponges and sea critters, making the dive most enjoyable for all levels of diver.


5. Ancient wreck                                     

Time from Shop: 25 min                                Depth: 6 – 35meters

Sitting a stones throw from Antisamos Beach, made famous by the movie ‘Captain Corellis mandolin’ lies an ancient roman wreck. Sunk on the rocks around 2000 years ago the vessel itself has long since rotted, but left behind over 1000 amphora’s to be enjoyed at a depths from 5 to 25 meters. And the more experienced can descend to 35 to see the ships anchor.

6. St. Johns Wall                                       

Time from shop: 25 min                           Depth: 12 – 35 meters

Infront of the idyllic St Johns bay on the south west of the legendary island of Ithaka starts an awesome vertical wall dive. From the surface the wall drops to 35 meters offering spectacular views in all directions. The wall is lined with beautiful feather duster worms and sponges. Finishing the dive several amphora’s are visible making a home for octopus and other creatures.


7. Aeroplain Junger 88 Ju

Time from shop: 40 min                            Depth: 22 – 36 meters

Lying in the south east of Ithaca in view of the St Ioanis church lies a German Junkers 88D bomber. Falling victim to an English war ship the plane lies in 2 sections on the sea bed. Due to its aluminium construction the engine is unchorroded and visible in 22 meters of water with the tail section also accessible in 36 meters of water. This dive demands adequately qualified and experienced divers.

8. Cyclop’s cave  

Time from shop:40 min                           Depth: 16 – 35 meters

In northern Ithaka within view of the picturesque village of Fiskardo Kefalonia starts a wall stretching from 16 to 46 meters. At 16 meters it is possible to swim into the spacious cave, there is also another entrance at 35 meters making the upper exits brilliantly bright and vividly blue from below. Due to its depth and the over head environment only highly experienced divers

9. Karavomilos Cave*

Time from  shop 5min by car                   Depth: 7 – 14 meters

A Kefalonian tourist destination for divers and non divers alike, Karavomilos is a lake exposed by a devastating earthquake in the late 50s. The site is created from the sea water that constantly falls and disappears into the sinkholes (Katavothres) near Argostoli, after a subterranean journey through the island in an eastern direction, reappears in Karavomilos Lake in semi-salted form. The filtered water is crystal clear offering over 100 meters of visibility. Diver can enjoy the 20,000 year old stalactites and beautiful light spilling in from the roof of the cave.

10. HMS Perseus*                                      

Time from shop: 1 hr 30 min                    Depth 44 meters +

Lying deep a mile off Skala in the south of Kefalonia is one of the largest submarines in the British fleet at the time. Fully intact the sub was sunk by German depth charges. Due to its depth this dive is reserved for only highly experienced divers, however penetration is restricted by local law for respect to the families.   


11. Smugglers wreck

Time from shop:1 hour 45 min                     Depth12 – 25 meters

In the west of Kefalonia only 20 minutes from the famous Mirtos beach lies a small ferry sunk whilst transporting three trucks from the island, two remain inside but the other is separated by a few meters from the wreck.

12. Medussa’s cavern  

Time from shop: 15 min                               Depth 12 – 23 meters

In the south west of Ithaka, Starting the dive on a big cavern then moving on to a sloping reef containing all of the typical Mediterranean fish and a fully intact amphora and continuing for a wall dive. In one dive you can enjoy tree of the typical Greek underwater environments

13. The Hole

Time from Shop:10 min                            Depth: 40meters

Some how connected to mellisani lake a hole in the sea bed near the cave has been created from the constant influx of water into the islands lake system. The hole is lined with colorful sponges and worms taking you from its wide entrance at 30 meters down to the 40 meter bottom where a slight current caused by the intake is detectable.

*These dives are not included in the packages and have a special prices

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